Yearly Archives: 2014

2015 achievements

1. Drinking waterIMG_2949
  • Following the new digging 150 feet of water made in 2014, we made the purchase of a pillar to receive the new water reservoir with a capacity of 5000 liters. A screener was added to filter the water so that it becomes drinkable, so...
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New well dug and more

A new 150-foot well was dug a few months before. Soon, we expect to install the equipment necessary for the delivery of water to the school. We also build two new toilets that will be added to three others already available. New buildings were also made, such as construction of workshops and classroom as well as...
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Gardening and growing

It can be seen back on the photo cornfields grow abundantly near the school. We teach people and children how to grow corn and yellow beans....
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