School and

This school is designed to accommodate disadvantaged children, often orphans from father and/or mother. We help to preserve their school and provide adequate living environment for these children.

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Dignity Respect remains important

We provide food, clothing, medicine and education for the children to gain their dignity and develop their belonging to a community.

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Christian learning Spirituality and God's Word

To ensure that children have a right to a Christian learning and provide knowledge and the Word of God according to the Bible.

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Nutrition Eating well every day

We care about the well being of these children and everything starts with good nutrition. We make sure they have enough to eat which is 3 meals a day and snacks.

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Welcome to BLUE BUTTERFLY HOME house of hope

For orphans and vulnerable children in Africa.
Give wings to these children!


41, rue des Citadins Nord
Farnham, Québec
J2N 3B6

450 293-2184